Still in 2018, the Port of Pecém will be administered in partnership from the Government of the State of Ceará with Port of Rotterdam, the company that manages the Port of Rotterdam in the Netherlands.


In August, the Port of Rotterdam confirmed a partnership with the Government of the State of Ceará for shared administration of the Complexo Industrial e Portuário do Pecém (CIPP). The partnership with one of the largest ports in the world forecasts growth of the Port of Pecém in the coming years with increased ship movements and cargo handling, attracting new companies and investors from all over the world to Ceará.


The Port of Pecém is already a reality in the economy of Ceará and with this partnership, provides for a doubling of port's cargo capacity in the next 10 years.


The expectation is of a scenario where the Port of Pecém becomes a great connection center for the country and in the worldwide flow of goods. The realignment of this equipment and its greater internationalization opens new possibilities for the local market with new businesses through the increase of investments and greater economic capital flow in the state.


To optimize these opportunities, companies can conduct market research for impact assessment.


Following the trend of the local market internationalization, Cuali Pesquisa is prepared to meet the research demands for clients all over Brazil.


We have a qualified team to carry out quantitative and qualitative market research. Our company has recruitment services, field researchers, focus group moderators and research analysts, as well as a modern and comfortable structure for conducting research in focus group facilities.


Cuali can be your partner by discovering new opportunities for business and earnings.



Pecém Port partnership should attract investment to Ceará


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