Hub opens new possibilities for the market of Ceará. Market research becomes an important tool for adapting companies to the new reality.


In May 2018, the operation of the third international hub of Brazil began. Inaugurated in Fortaleza, the project provides a positive impact to the economy of Ceará in several segments.


With the installation of the hub, the frequency of existing flights to Europe and South America increases. In addition to this, new international routes are planned for the Netherlands, Germany, England, the USA and others. Some routes start from May of this year while others are scheduled to start until the second half of 2018. Fortaleza thus becomes a reference on domestic and international routes.


According to the State Government, it is estimated "an increase in the number of foreign tourists between 60 and 70 thousand per year. At the end of two years, the increase should be about 150 thousand tourists, which is half of the current international flow. Already in domestic numbers, the hub should be responsible for an increase of 1.5 million passengers / tourists per year."


The investments capitalized by an enterprise of this size contribute to make Ceará a regional reference in contributions of national economic projects. Internationally, the hub boosts the state as a world tourist spot, especially for the markets of Europe and Asia.


For Setur-Ce, hub flights signal the opening of new commercial markets. In note Setur - Ce states that "the expected increase in the number of visitors, national and foreign, the expectation is that there is an increase not only in the area of tourism, but also in the field of training and business opportunities for the people of Ceará.


Locally, the segments that will experience the short-term impact of the Hub installation will be concentrated in the tourism and services sector. However, the investment also opens space for the internationalization of the local economy as a whole.


This impact highlights the need to adapt local companies to an increasingly internationalized reality. Therefore, it is necessary for companies to understand the changes in the market in the medium and long term with the arrival of this venture to identify and take advantage of business opportunities.


One answer to this question is to carry out research that understands these changes for the companies and for their market of action. Among the possibilities, we highlight research methodologies that evaluate customer satisfaction, image attributes evaluation, positioning study, evaluation of advertising campaigns, studies of consumer habits and so on.


Together with the trend towards internationalization of the local market, Cuali Pesquisa e Sistemas is prepared to meet the research demands of local and international clients. We have a qualified team to carry out quantitative and qualitative market research. Our company has recruitment services, field researchers, focus group moderators and research analysts, as well as a modern and comfortable structure for conducting research in one way mirror lab. We serve research at local, regional and national levels. 



Hub operates in Fortaleza from May 3, 2018


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